Erica Crystal Jade: Taking Yoga to the People

My friend Erica Crystal Jade, from San Diego, has brought her talent for flairing up our yoga experiences to St. Louis.  She offers yoga instructors opportunities to blend their flows with some awesome dj beats.  I got the opportunity to photograph her promo shots for indiegogo campaign to become a certified yoga instructor.  Her goal is to take yoga to the areas of the community that need it the most.  She states: “Right now there are members of different communities in the St. Louis area who I believe would greatly benefit from the positive effects of having a yoga practice. Yet, there are few opportunities to participate in yoga within them. Ultimately, my goal is to be able to provide safe and accessible yoga classes to these often overlooked spaces.”



Erica3 (1)

Erica6 (1)



Erica 5 BW


2 thoughts on “Erica Crystal Jade: Taking Yoga to the People

  1. Hi, I am trying to reach Erica about a yoga event. Can you pass my info on to her…Jennifer Wintzer, Director of Community Engagement and Education at Shakespeare Festival St. Louis.


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