Black Lives Matter: A Lifestyle Change

Below are photographs from Old North City’s Holiday Celebration.  In St. Louis, Old North City, continues to be a slowly integrating part of STL that is showing us just exactly what the future will look like thanks to the grass roots organizations and artists alike. Through the lens of my camera, I am continuing to explore and reflect what that looks like for our family as we integrate our lives with the lives of our African Amercian friends. Since August 9, it has become harder and harder for me to leave my job in Norths City and North County and go home to White St. Louis, say that “Black Lives Matter” but have that not be represented in the spaces in my life where I don’t show up to get paid.  For us, Black Lives Matter has to be integrated into our daily lives.

Yesterday, I took my kids to celebrate the Holidays in Old North City and enjoy the newly renovated streets, shop at the new businesses and talk to the new business owners on the block.  This street makes me excited for the future of STL and Ferguson alike, 














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